Redlands California Blue Mountain Hike

I recently went to Redlands California for a few days to interview with Esri and explore the area. I borrowed a bike from their bike share program (started last week!) and cycled to Blue Mountain Trail in Grand Terrace from the Country Inn and Suites in Redlands. I started out cycling west on Redlands Blvd but after a turn south down Mountain View realized that  Barton Street (east-west) had pretty great bike lanes and some fun hills! It took me around an hour of unpracticed biking to reach the trail head. I locked my bike to the gate and started the hike. The hike itself was moderate and had about 365m (1200 ft) gain, much of which occurred in the second half. There were very abstract boulders both rounded and “jutty”. It would seem that Blue Mountain and Box Spring Mountain to the south are granitic plutons with sedimentary basin infill surrounding them (the InlandEmpire). Granite is great rock for climbing and I bet there are some fun bouldering problems hiding in them hills.

I got to the top of the mountain around 12:30 and sat up top looking down onto some housing development, Box Spring Mountain to the south and listening to some bag pipes from afar. It was quite serene but windy. I managed to go to California during a cloudy rainy spell. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I’m not sure I would have made it back to the motel were it sunny! I was definitely feeling the leg work out and stopped at Clark’s Nutrition for a reprieve on the way back (and some coconut water and coconut oil baked chips!). It was a great hike and I would love to continue exploring the paths to the south on Box Spring Mountain.

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