I have a great deal of experience identifying different rock types in the field, in the lab and in excel (or better software if available!). In university I went through a lot of lab time dedicated to identifying all types of rocks and minerals, but much of my practical experience has been in mapping and logging gabbros, norites, syenites, anorthosites and copper minerals at Lac Des Iles and the Coldwell Alkaline complex. Within the coldwell complex I even got to see a visible PGM string! I have gone on a number of mid continental rift related field trips (refer to professional development) and worked on the Legris Platinum-Palladium exploration project.

Stillwater Canada Inc was devoted to trying to distinguish different magmatic events (majority of the rocks are texturally variable gabbros) and often turned to geochemistry plotting including spider diagrams, ternary diagrams and geochemical signature plotting. These attempts were successful to variable degrees depending on the location within the project and the evolution variations within the parent magma. A large focus was on rare earth elements.