Skills Summary

Computer Skills

  • ArcGIS, MapInfo, Vulcan, Geosoft, Surfer, Basecamp, Pathfinder, Erdas Imagine, Microstation

    I have been working with GIS Software for nearly 10 years. My most recent experience includes a college degree in a program with heavy usage of ArcMap, Erdas Imagine, Pathfinder and Microstation. Prior to upgrading my education I worked in the Mining industry for 5 years using MapInfo (mainly Discover module), Vulcan, Basecamp and Pathfinder.

    During my university education I was enrolled in a co-operative program. This required that I complete 5 work terms in a related field. Working for environmental consulting I used Surfer to visualize groundwater flow as affected by adjacent pumping. Working for geophysical consulting I used Geosoft to produce geophysical survey products.

  • Erdas Imagine, Microstation

    I am in the remote sensing stream at COGS. This is an intensive program dedicated to the teachings of different remote sensing systems and advanced digital imagery enhancements. LiDAR is a large focus of this specialized term including a course dedicated to the operation and applications related to LiDAR data gathering and processing.

    Some of the skills learned from this program include image stacking, image enhancements, spectral analysis, unsupervised classification, supervised classification and accuracy reporting, ortho-rectifying and mosaicking and LiDAR project management including file imports, blocking and classification.

  • Python, SQL, Autohotkey

    I am a beginner to intermediate user of several programming languages. I have a course in Python and SQL through my college GIS program. I have utilized SQL and Autohotkey in a work environment to aid with production of maps and querying of data.

  • Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio), SPSS, Iogas, Adobe Acrobat

  • SQL Server

    I have experience with designing and creating a database in SQL Server including adding, deleting and editing tables, joins, queries, spatial objects and importing spatial databases into ArcGIS.

  • Photoshop Elements, Corel Draw, Inkscape, Gimp, Power Point, Picassa

    I frequently use PowerPoint for presentations, tutorial creation and general brainstorming. I use Photoshop Elements recreationally to correct my digital SLR images. For report and presentation figure creation I often use Corel Draw.

  • Wordpress, Joomla3, Domain and Server Hosting

    I have recently started using a more advanced wordpress theme but up until recently was using basic themes and using the CSS editor to adjust features as desired. I have learned Joomla3, but prefer to do all my website designing in wordpress. I have my own server hosting several sites with unique domains.

Technical Skills

    • Exploration and Production Drilling
    • Mapping
    • Trenching
    • Map Digitization and Cross Section production
    • Ore body wireframing
    • Project management
    • Safety meetings
    • Environmental well monitoring, purging and sampling
    • Well pressure monitoring
    • Remediation system testing and monitoring
    • Mining effluent flow monitoring and sampling
    • Soil sampling (test pit and auger)
    • Ancillary phase I and II assessment and work
    • Schedule sampling events, provide quarterly information
    • Contractor and site supervision
    • Minor spill clean up (terrestrial and aquatic)
    • Familiar with software (ArcGIS, MapInfo, Vulcan, Geosoft, Microstation, ERDAS Imagine)
    • Creation of study area maps for publications
    • Grouping analysis and regression modelling (SPSS)
    • Digitization of field work (grid and gps)
    • Extensive use of Trimble systems and Pathfinder (academic and applied)
    • Contouring, gridding and surfacing
    • 3d Modelling in Encom Discover 3D and Vulcan
    • Maintain geospatial information
    • Site characterization from stereograph including rock type, infrastructure, soil properties
    • Image orthorectification and mosaicking
    • Image enhancement and filtering
    • Familiar with a variety of remote sensors
    • Image mosaicking
    • LiDAR point cloud management and classification
    • Experience conducting EM, ERT, GPR surveys
    • Undergraduate thesis using GPR for the detection of burial sites
    • Geophysical map products for clients
    • Experience working in remote sites
    • Maintaining claim status records and applying credits (Public Lands Act)
    • Yearly assessment reporting
    • Operating under the clean water act for purposes of environmental monitoring and remediation
    • Following the migratory bird convention act, mining act, aggregates act during exploration and mine planning development
    • Some familiarity with forestry and related practices (tree planting)
    • Creating daily safety protocol for crews
    • Monitoring staff safety in and out of the field
    • Planning of monitoring and mapping activities
    • Reporting and presenting project results
    • Manage sampling schedule of mine effluent, tailing pond, settling ponds and wastewater treatment
    • First Aid and CPR level C
    • Wilderness First Aid
    • ATV Training
    • GPS and datalogger
    • Geophysical surveys
    • Mapping and orienteering
    • Snowshoeing
    • XRF Operator and Trainer
    • Chainsaw Training
    • Side by Side Training
    • Migratory Bird and Caribou Habitat Identification training
    • WHMIS

Personal Skills

  • The one thing that pretty much all jobs have in common is that you will be required to interact with other people in a positive and appropriate manner both verbally and through written media. I enjoy working in a positive and professional atmosphere and therefore try to propagate that mood through my personal conduct.

    I am skilled at providing both technical and academic reports both through school projects and quarterly/yearly assessment reporting.

    I have attended many conferences and presented research completed by my company in front of large groups.

    I feel my experience, confidence and positive attitude would be a great addition to any team.

  • I feel that my organization skills hopefully speak for themselves through my production of this website. I was always known as the person who could find whatever file was being looked for as I keep a meticulous computer records and folder organization. I like to have everything in an appropriate place. Additionally I thrive on presenting data in an organized fashion.

  • I’m not entirely sure what to say about this in order to not sound cliched. I have good time management skills, appreciate and strive to meet deadlines, I work the required hours to get a job done and provide better than expected results. This is all true, but in reality (at least in my eyes) work ethic isn’t just about hours put in or meeting a deadline. It’s about maintaining safety, understanding every step of a process, being involved and in the end having a good work/life balance to remain healthy both mentally and physically at home and at work.

  • I like to learn and constantly try to better myself. I believe that this has a powerful influence on my ambition which is directly related to those two end goals.

  • It’s always tricky to discuss and separate the independence and team work skill sets. I’m going to give it a go although I don’t believe that any process is truly devoid of team work.

    Having said that, individual tasks often require independence and I have a large amount of experience planning field work, creating sampling schedules, completing environmental field work (collecting, supervising contractors), independently writing reports, determining workflows etc etc.

    I recognize however that every one of the mentioned steps above also required larger scale team work for completion as well as open communication and group planning within the organization.

Work Experience

  • Resume
    University of Waterloo – Ground Water Sampling in Borden ON
  • Resume
    A Fox on a job site in Normal Wells NWT
  • Resume
  • Resume
  • Resume
  • Resume
  • Resume
  • Resume

Exploration Geologist

  • Supervision and planning of field activities including daily and weekly safety meetings
  • Creating and implementing safety protocols
  • Exploration property assessment research
  • Analysis of geochemical data
  • Assessing, reporting and updating claim status
  • Presenting geologic models at mine production and assessment meetings
  • Assisting in spill remediation and environmental monitoring
  • Training of new employees in trench mapping, cutting, mapping, software, GPS hardware and procedures
  • 3D Ore body wireframing

With Stillwater Canada my main goals were to collect and maintain the geological data including mapping, trenching, drilling and sampling. During the field season, along side my team I planned mapping and sampling traverses, trenching locations and drilling targets. In the mornings before collecting or monitoring field data collection I participated in/hosted safety and project meetings.

Exploration Geologist

  • Drill site and contractor supervision
  • Cross section and trench map creation (MapInfo)
  • Exploration property assessment research
  • Adaptive scheduling and coordination with co-workers
  • Procedural planning and contractor training

At North American Palladium I worked both on the Lac des Iles mine site and offsite on the Legris exploration project. The majority of my work included trench mapping and logging within a gabbroic intrusion hosting platinum and palladium. The exploration project I was apart of required historic and current core logging, drill monitoring/siting, quality control and contractor supervision. A large part of this project was scheduling, problem solving, determining best sampling methods and geoteching techniques and independence (not to mention long hours).

Exploration Geologist

  • Geological field mapping
  • Geochemistry sample collection and shipping
  • Supervising and training field crew in the use of ATVs including water crossing, loading

This was a short 1.5 month contract that involved quading to and from work and mapping in very rugged terrains. The Geordie property is a gabbroic “sliver” within a large syenite intrusion with basalt and porphyry associated with the deposit.

Research Assistant

  • Collection of groundwater samples
  • Flow rate data collection
  • Monitoring well installation
  • Lab analysis of water samples
  • Mixing, casting and pouring concrete/bentonite mixtures for stress and hydraulic conductivity testing

This position required I be a jack of all trades as I reported to 3 different masters students completing concrete testing, flow modelling, remediation and lab work. It was stimulating work in a summer with beautiful weather in the heart of Southern Ontario. A lot of this work was completed on a military research site.

Environmental Assistant

  • Water sample collection and measurements from weirs, rivers, tailings ponds and pipes to measure effluent outflow rates
  • Conducting Cu, pH, TSS and Nitrate analysis in the lab to monitor levels internally
  • Assisting with site surveying
  • Snow surveying
  • Waste and drinking water sampling
  • Managing and completing the sampling schedules

Located at the mouth the coastal mountains south of Houston BC, Huckleberry mine is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and sunrises. My position here required a lot of winter outdoor work both in the pit and beyond the tailings dam for effluent monitoring.  This job included a lot of snow shoeing, snowmobiling and safety assessment of the area around you. There are a lot of concerns associated with solo sampling and unfamiliar site in the mountains under snow cover. At least bears weren’t a concern.

Gephysical Consultant

  • Conducting EM, GPR and ERT surveys for exploration and environmental assessments
  • Working in remote locations
  • Creating client maps including profiles and site survey maps.

Working with Worley Parsons was a great time because I got to live in Calgary, which I loved as I spent a lot of time camping and hiking in the mountains. It was also a ton of fun due to the nature of the job which required a lot of traveling and a steep learning curve. With this job I conducted environmental, remedial and exploratory GPR, ERT and EM (31, 38, 60). Learning the geophysical equipment efficiently and thoroughly was a key part of this position. I travelled mostly around Alberta (Calgary and surrounding areas, Fort McMurray) and to a site in NWT doing remediation and baseline surveys along the McKenzie River.

Environmental Consultant

  • Monitoring and sampling observations wells
  • Monitoring well pressure
  • Supervising subcontractors
  • Surveying sites
  • Monitoring for safety using GasTech multi-gas detectors at sites including landfills and buildings
  • Monitoring remediation systems and completing monthly site inspections

Tree Planter

  • Planting pine and spruce using visual estimations for spacing and habitat knowledge for placement (stipulated to plant spruce in wetter environments)
  • Unloading pine and spruce trees in an organized effort


Nova Scotia Community College – Centre of Geomatic Sciences (COGS) 2014-2015

Advanced GIS Degree : Specialization in Remote Sensing

At COGS I have learned invaluable skills to augment my previous GIS experience. Learning more about geodetic systems and satellites has been fascinating as has learning all of the ins and outs and toolboxes associated with ArcGIS. Through the remote sensing programs I have learned ERDAS Imagine, Microstation and some PCI in addition to the intensive ArcGIS training. Additional skills gained at COGS include how to code in Python and set up and run database queries in SQLServer.

For my 5 month term project I am working on methods to segment and attribute coastline polylines with the Applied Geomatics Research Group. The project scope includes studying century long coastline erosion and using pictometry for site evaluation.

  • GEOM 5001 Mapping Fundamentals

    GEOM 5002 Intro to Geodesy & GPS

    GEOM 5003 Spatial Thinking

    GISY 5003 GIS Database Fundamentals

    GISY 5004 GIS and Spatial Data Analysis

    PROG 5000 Programming Fundamentals for GS

    REMS 5001 Fundamentals of RS and DIP

    GISY 6044 Applied Geomatics Remote Sensing Project

    REMS 6022 Remote Sensing Systems and App

    REMS 6023 Advanced Digital Image Processing

    REMS 6085 LiDAR Operations

    REMS 6090 LiDAR Applications

University of Waterloo 2005-2010

BSc Earth Sciences, Honours Geology and Cooperative Education

I decided to go to the university of Waterloo for Earth Sciences after a trip to British Columbia left me fascinated with rock and land formations. Throughout my time at Waterloo I focused on hard rock geology and hydrology. I worked sever co-operative positions during the course of my education and wrote 4 technical reports on projects completed during the course of these terms.

I completed an undergraduate thesis in the response of GPR to burial sites.

  • EARTH 123 Intro Hydrology

    EARTH 231 Mineralogy

    EARTH 235 Stratigraphy & Earth History

    EARTH 236 Principles of Paleontology

    EARTH 260 Applied Geophysics 1

    GEOG 255 Introduction to G.I.S.

    EARTH 221 Geochemistry 1

    EARTH 232 Petrography

    EARTH 238 Intro Structural Geology

    EARTH 332 Metamorphic Petrology

    EARTH 333 Intro Sedimentology

    EARTH 390 Methods in Geological Mapping

    EARTH 331 Volcanology and Igneous Petrology

    EARTH 342 Applied Geomorphology

    EARTH 444 Applied Wetland Science

    EARTH 471 Mineral Deposits

    STAT 202 Intro Stats for Scientists

    EARTH 421 Geochemsitry 2

    EARTH 461 Applied Geophysics

    EARTH 435 Advanced Structural Geology

    EARTH 438 Engineering Geology




  • Signature of GPR at Cemeteries (UW)

    Signature of GPR at Cemeteries (UW)

    My undergraduate Thesis at the University of Waterloo was a Ground Penetrating Radar Study at local century old cemeteries. The purpose of the study was to determine the radar response of graves in order to determine the success rate of detecting recent graves vs graves from late 1900 and early 2000. Soil conditions remained the same at all studied sites in an attempt to isolate the affect of age and burial practices on the GPR response.
  • Coastal Erosion Project (COGS)

    Coastal Erosion Project (COGS)

    My term long project at COGS is just beginning and I am very excited to be working with the AGRG and the GSC to aid in determining a workflow for coastline segmentation and attributing. The purpose of this project is to script and model a workflow that simplifies the process of segmenting the coastline based on surface polygons (in this case geology) and then assigning the coastline the polygon attributes. The eventual purpose of the project is to aid in determining which areas of the coastline are the most influenced by erosion based back shore profiling.

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